How to Get Free Cool HTML Codes for eBay Auctions, Websites, or Myspace

Published: 21st January 2008
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This article is on where to get free HTML codes for your eBay auction, website, or myspace. These codes can help boost sales and traffic. They are easy to use and all you do is simply copy and paste the codes into your design!

HTML is a special computer language that allows you to create special effects to your auctions, websites, or myspace. For example, with HTML you can take an ordinary picture and add cool ripple or animated effects to it. This gets people's attention which can help you get your point across.

In order to get this effect, you have to get a picture that you want to change and the html code. It is that simple! Also, with html codes you can add cool scrolling marquees to get buyers or visitors attention. You can also add cool flashing text, waving, blurry, and glowing text! Not only does this add flavor to your auctions or website, it keeps people coming back and possibly increase your sales.

The trick of being able to do this is finding the codes. What makes that so hard is that everything is scattered across the internet and half of the codes you find are messed up and don't work. However, there is this website that contains a bunch of HTML codes for you can use for free.

When I first started my own website and eBaying, my auctions and website were dull and boring to look at but HTML has really helped. I think the HTML codes have increased my sales and traffic because the cool designs and features make me stand out from my competition. Everything is really easy to use because it is in simple copy and paste boxes. So hopefully this will help you out and increase your sales or traffic!
Click Here for Free HTML Codes

J Page, has over 6 years experience as an internet entrepreneur and is an active seller on eBay. He is also the owner of, a site dedicated to helping people.

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