How to Insert Video into your eBay Auctions and Website without Paying Hosting Fees-Easy to Use

Published: 21st January 2008
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This article is on how to insert video into your eBay auctions and website without having to pay video hosting fees. Inserting video into your auction or website can increase your sales and boost web traffic. Inserting video is so easy and can be done within minutes!

Have you ever looked at an auction or website with a video & thought to yourself..."how did they do that?" More & more people are starting to take advantage of the power of video. Why? Video can be a great way to boost your online sales, or to gain more website traffic/visitors.

Just think about it. If you are going to buy something, and someone has a video that shows proof the item works, or has a sales pitch that you can sit & listen to, you are going to be more likely to buy from that seller. I know I would. Even if there is an identical product for sale from other sellers.

Video is the future. It allows you to take a step ahead of the competition. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures! You can show live movement & emotion with a video that you simply can't show with a standard ebay listing or web page.

So how do you add video to your auction or website? Well it is simple, all you need is a simple digital camera or web cam, and an internet connection. You can then create simple videos that you can add to your eBay listing or website.

If you are interested in a complete eBook guide that you can download

instantly that walks you step-by-step on how to insert a video check out the link below. The best part about the guide is that it shows you how you can do it for free without having to pay money for video hosting.

This is a great tool that will likely pay for itself on your very first sale or Google clicks from web traffic! If you are serious about adding video, then this guide is a very useful tool!

for the Guide on how you can add a video to your eBay auction or website!

J Page, has over 6 years experience as an internet entrepreneur and is an active seller on eBay. He is also the owner of, a website dedicated to helping people.

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