How To Sell Ebooks Using Instant Digital Delivery Download-Offer Instant Download

Published: 21st January 2008
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How to Allow Instant Downoad for eBooks & Digital Items

If you sell eBooks or any digital product, you know that it is important to allow instant download. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business. Also, your customers will be more satisfied if they get the product instantly! Offering instant digital delivery/download is also a great selling point which can help to boost sales!

So how do you set up instant digital delivery to use to sell ebooks & other digital products on eBay or on a website? How do you allow the customer to download the product?

It is actually not very difficult! It is quite possible to set-up digital delivery both on eBay and/or a website! Then you can sell digital products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whether you are there or not! The best part is that it works with eBay, Paypal, & you can use it for your website as well.

To get started using digital delivery on eBay or on a website, you will need to have some basic knowledge of how the internet works. Then, you can begin to set up each of your digital products for instant download capability.

This process is simple, but does require a few steps. We offer a complete eBook guide to using digital delivery that shows how to do it in step-by-step format. This guide shows you how to set-up instant download so your products can be digitally delivered instantly. Also, it even shows you how you can do this at no extra cost if you are on a shoestring budget (even if you don't have a website). This is one of eBay's best selling guides on digital delivery because it walks you through the necessary steps! The tiny cost will more than pay for itself in the time you will save!

Don't make the mistake many people make by wasting money on some cheap guide that does not contain the information you really need. I have literally had people email me thanking me for helping them get set up with digital delivery. They have said they purchased other guides that did not have any useful information. This guide tells you what you need to know in step by step format so you can use digital delivery. Learning how to use digital delivery is a small investment that can pay for itself on your very first sale!

So are you ready to learn how to use digital delivery? If so, then go ahead & get the guide that has the information you need. Click the link below to learn more information on how you can set up an easy download system

For the guide on digital delivery, Click Here

J. Page is an online entrepreneur with over 5 years experience with online selling & businesses. He is a top eBay seller & manages several websites & online ventures. To learn more, visit!

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